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Search-friendly online content that enhances your brand authority and adds value to your website.

Website Content Writing Service

Quality website content is absolutely crucial to the success of your website. To attract and retain visitors as well as ranking well, you’re going to need search friendly copy that’s engaging and compelling. This is another area in which I can assist. I craft content for home and about pages, in fact any pages that provide visitors with core information about your company.

Website Content

Website content should be the foundation of your online presence. Sure, site design is important too. But the saying ‘content is king’ is true. Without good copy, you’re going to put visitors off very quickly and potentially taint your brand’s reputation. Poor and/or thin content won’t do you any favours when it comes to ranking either. This applies to all manner of online content types including blog posts, product descriptions and articles.

What Makes Good Core Website Content?

Good website content should be unique and original. With regards to the core pages of your website, the content should provide succinct and pertinent information about your company and service. It should also be optimised for search. This means providing keywords in your page titles, META descriptions and image tags.

However, gone are the days of keyword stuffing. Today, it’s about identifying relevant keywords and then including them in a way that doesn’t compromise the readability of the content. Seamless and sensible is where it’s at when it comes to search optimisation.

The More Words the Better?

A lot of SEO and content specialists recommend composing page content with heavy word counts. And it’s true that the more content you include on a page, the better Google will understand what that page is about. The fact is though, that the length of copy should only be enough to assist the end-user in completing their goals for that specific page. It should also be intended for the reader, not the search engine.

Quality Website Content – Key Benefits

  • Attract and Retain Visitors
  • Generates Sales
  • Adds Value to Your Website
  • Gets Your Website Noticed
  • Improves Rankings in the SERPS
  • Enhances Brand Reputation
  • Attract Links

Why Hire Me to Write Your Website Content?

Simply put, I’ve got a lot of experience in search marketing and have a knack for writing engaging content across a wide array of industries including psychology, shopping, travel, sport and cuisine. So you might say that I’ve an adaptable, flexible writing style. I’m also well-versed in identifying keywords and then seamlessly integrating them into the web content.

Content Revision and Re-Writing

I also provide a re-writing service. If you’re looking to refresh your website content I’d be happy to conduct a full appraisal of your existing copy or if you’d prefer follow your own guidelines regarding the content you’d like updating.

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