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Shareable, engaging social media content that showcases your brand product or service.

Social Media Writing Service

Social media content marketing offers you a great way to engage with existing and prospective customers. Not only that, it’s a great way to enhance brand recognition and increase trustworthiness. If you’re looking to outsource your social media writing, I can help! I’ll compose social media posts that vividly convey the value of your brand, product and service.

Social Media Marking

Social media marketing has come a long way over the past ten years. The advances in smartphone technology have made it far easier for people to connect. Today, more than 4 billion people are estimated to use social media. Naturally, this offers a wonderful opportunity to build brand awareness, showcase your product to a huge audience and generate lots of traffic.

What’s more, social media allows you to humanise your company. By liking and responding to posts, you’re effectively stepping out from behind your glossy branding and engaging directly with customers – something that’s not really possible with press releases or product descriptions.

OK, so engaging with users is going to be down to you. But marrying this kind of proactive approach with compelling social media content is going to foster a sense of community among your users. It’ll also lend authenticity to your business.

What Makes a Good Social Media Post?

A good social media post should be short, snappy, simple and shareable. It should also underline the value of your brand and or product. Not as easy as you might think. In keeping with all online channels, the content should be well-researched and speak the same language as your prospective customers.

But resonating with your audience is complicated by the fact that expectations can differ significantly between platforms. A post on LinkedIn for example, is going to be a lot different to one you might publish on Facebook, given that the former is more business-orientated.

Social Media Content – Key Benefits

• Builds Brand Awareness
• Builds Trustworthiness
• Builds Relationships
• Enhances Your Online Presence
• Showcases Your Brand, Product/Service to a Large Audience
• Cost-Effective
• Humanises Your Brand

Why Hire Me to Write Your Social Media Posts?

I have extensive experience of social media marketing having worked as a full-time content creator and freelance writer. I’ve written for a variety of industries including fintech, travel and gambling. LinkedIn and Twitter are the platforms I’m most familiar with.

And if you’re dead-set on promoting your brand via Facebook, I’m sure I can help. Instagram would be a bridge too far though! If you’d like more information about my social media content writing service or you have a particular project in mind, please send me an email.

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