What is JDS Copywriting?

JDS Copywriting is owned and operated by Dale Shelabarger. The company is used to advertise the digital copywriting small business web development services offered by Dale.

Site Address: https://www.jdscopywriting.com

Postal Address: 211 Worton Road, Isleworth, TW7 6DS

Email: dale@jdscopywriting.com

Personal Data We Collect

Contact forms
We use a contact form which stores user names and email addresses once submitted. This information is stored for one year. We may use this information for marketing purporses.

JDS Copywriting collects the following user data through the analysis of website traffic and through dropped cookies.

• Source IP address
• Country of Access
• Site Access Dates and Times
• Time and Date of Access
• Web page(s) Visited
• Language Used
• Software Crash Reports
• Type of Browser Used
• Type of Operating System Used

This data is used by JDS Copywriting to improve the site’s content and design and is available to certain third parties via our analytical packages. However this data will not include any information which could personally identify you or any individual visitor to the site.

Legal Compliance

We reserve the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government appeals by the police investigating any illegal activities.

Cookie Policy

The JDS Copywriting website uses first party and third party cookies.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small files which are transmitted to internet browsers from a website that you visit. They are often used to store personal preferences, identify on-site visitor behaviour and retain authentication information including passwords and log-in details.

The vast majority of cookies are completely harmless and enhance your browsing experience. Many sites will actually not work properly without having cookies enabled. Cookies are retained for either a fixed time period on your device or for the duration of your visit to a website. There are generally two different types of cookie:

First Party Cookies
First party cookies are generated by the domain you visit and, in most cases, contain a small amount of text in a file on your device. Such cookies enable site owners/administrators to track your behaviour while on their website.

They also enhance user experience by keeping information that helps with usage, such as automatic logins and/or shopping basket storage. They are usually enabled by default in most web browsers and do not contain personal information.

Third Party Cookies
Third party cookies are usually associated to different domains and are set by third parties for tracking and re-targeting purposes. Many third party cookies are utilised by analytical packages like Clicky or Google. Third party cookies only differ from first-party cookies by the actual domain to which they are associated with.

The Use of Cookies on JDS Copywriting
We use first and third party cookies on JDS Copywriting for the following purposes:

  • Gaining an understanding of how visitors view our website and in what number
  • Personalising user experience by remembering personal preferences
  • Delivering relevant advertising
  • Measuring social media engagement

The Use of Tracking Technologies on JDS Copywriting
JDS Copywriting stores both first party tracking technologies and third party tracking technologies. Both types of tracking technologies are stored, either for the length of your visit, or for return visits. There are five types of tracking technologies:

  • Strictly Necessary Tracking Technologies
  • Functionality Tracking Technologies
  • Performance Tracking Technologies
  • Marketing/Advertising Tracking Technologies
  • Social Media Tracking Technologies

Strictly Necessary Tracking Technologies
Strictly Necessary Tracking Technologies track visitors who navigate our site and use our services. They may also be utilised for security and integrity reasons, assisting us in the detection of potential violations of our website policies and to support the security features installed on JDS Copywriting. There is no requirement for us to obtain your permission to use these tracking technologies.

Functionality Tracking Technologies
Functionality Tracking Technologies enable us to provide you with personalised features, improve on-site features and to remember the decisions you made while visiting our site. Additionally, these tracking technologies are used for authentication purposes, such as remembering when you are logged-in.

Performance Tracking Technologies
Performance Tracking Technologies collect information about your activities on our website. This includes visit duration, pages visited and the type of content you engage with. These technologies allow us to analyse and research aggregated statistics which detail your on-site behaviour.

Marketing/Advertising Tracking Technologies
Marketing/Advertising Tracking Technologies are used to serve targeted offers that are based on your interests. They can also be used to limit the number of times you see a certain advertisement and to measure the effectiveness of any advertising campaigns we operate. These tracking technologies are usually implemented by our advertisers (advertising affiliate networks), which provide them with information about how people view and interact with their advertisement(s).

Specific Tracking Technologies Used on JDS Copywriting
This section includes information about the tracking technologies used on the JDS Copywriting website. We also explain their type and purpose.

Google Analytics
Type: Third Party Tracking Technology
Purpose: Performance Tracking Technology

Google Analytics is used by JDS Copywriting in order to record on-site activity. These cookies include information about your IP address, browser type/version, in addition to unique identifiers. These unique identifiers, from first-party cookies, record how you interact and behave on the JDS Copywriting website. This information allows us to enhance our online services.

Google Double, Clicky, Google Doubleclick, Google Syndication Services, Google Tag Services, Agkn.com, Adsafeprotected, Quantserve, Moatads, MDN.net
Type: Third Party Tracking Technologies
Purpose: Marketing or Advertising Tracking Technology

On JDS Copywriting, a number of third party vendors such as Google use cookies to serve more relevant ads based on usage and visits to other websites. These gather information about the number of visitors/users, popular areas and entry points of the JDS Copywriting website as well as visitors’ country of origin. Such information is totally anonymous.

Managing Cookie Settings
There are numerous ways to manage and control the cookie settings in your internet browser. But it’s worth remembering that deleting or blocking cookies can have a negative impact on the features available on the JDS Copywriting website, such as page load times and the speed in which images are served to you.

Disabling Cookies in Web Browsers
Most browsers allow for the deletion of cookies, either generally or individually. Cookies can also be blocked for certain websites or for every website that you visit. Third-party cookies can sometimes be switched off too. Further information can often be found in the help/privacy section of the browser.

Disabling Third Party Cookies
Some third party advertising/targeting cookies can be disabled by visiting https://www.networkadvertising.org

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