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Engaging press releases that get people talking about your brand, product or service.

Press Release Writing Service

Got a new product or service that you want people to know about? I craft succinct, engaging press releases that will help you gain the exposure that your brand deserves. For those of you unfamiliar with the power of a press release, here’s a quick guide.

Press Releases

If you’re looking to generate interest around your brand and its offering, press releases are most definitely the way to go. In fact, there’s nothing quite as effective as a press release in getting the word out about a brand, product or service.

Although blog posts and social media posts can certainly help enhance brand awareness and promote products, they tend to be more informal channels of communication. For some businesses, they serve different expectations as well, such as providing direct customer service (social media) or general industry updates.

The press release however, is a formal representation of your brand and product that’s geared towards pure information.

What Makes a Good Press Release?

A good press release is succinct, SEO-friendly, engaging and authentic. Free of jargon and concise, it skilfully conveys the six W’s in such a way that gets people talking. This means using short, catchy headlines and newsworthy content that captures the essence of a topic. It will also be written with search engines in mind.

As far as the latter goes, an SEO friendly press release features seamless keyword insertion as well as the bolding of significant words and of course the sensible use of hyperlinks.

Press release SEO has been done to death over the past decade or so and is considered a spammy tactic these days. But in terms of brand visibility and authority, the links from a press release certainly won’t do your website any harm. In fact, they should be of some benefit, provided that you’re selective in your choice of press release platforms.

Press Releases – Key Benefits

  • Create a Buzz About Your Brand, Product or Service
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Improve Online Authority and Credibility
  • Boost Web Traffic
  • Sharable on Social Media
  • SEO Benefit of Backlinks

Why Hire Me to Write Your Press Releases?

Press releases aren’t always going to be high on the priority list, especially for busy companies who believe their employees’ time is better spent elsewhere. Outsourcing press releases is therefore a smart option. If handling things in-house isn’t the right approach for you at present, then get in touch. I’m highly adept at crafting compelling, search-optimised press releases that get noticed. Get in touch for more information about my press release writing service.

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