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Silent Gliss Product Descriptions Sample

Product descriptions for window-blind specialists.

    • Interior Design
    • 14-12-15

Silent Gliss 6200

We have had the pleasure of installing the Silent Gliss 6200 corded curtain track in a variety of commercial spaces, ranging from sports halls to conference rooms. The heavyweight track is well-suited to a variety of repetitive applications.

Like our other Silent Gliss products, the 6200 can be installed easily, even for those with the most basic DIY skills so no specialist labour is required. It’s suitable for both wall and ceiling fixings on surfaces such as wood and concrete.

The 6200 can also be used as a room divider due to its attractive uniform design which features rounded edges and a stylish silver finish. It is also compatible with the elegant Silent Gliss Wave Heading System.

Silent Gliss 6370

The Silent Gliss 6370 is a durable, corded curtain track system featuring two channels that enable one curtain to overlap the other.

This configuration is known as infinite overlap and proves very effective at preventing light seepage through the join. The 6370 can be custom-moulded at the factory according to individual requirements and should be ceiling-fixed for convenient and discreet use.

Like other Silent Gliss products, only the most basic DIY skills are required to successfully install this leading cord  drawn curtain track.  The Silent Gliss 6370 comes in silver and the tracks can be customised according to any RAL or BS colour palette – this means that the 6370  can be made to match most, if not all designs and decor.

Silent Gliss 3900

The Silent Gliss 3900 is a durable, heavy-duty corded curtain track which provides an elegant and robust solution for light control.

The track, which can be easily fixed to walls and ceilings, can also be forward or reverse bent allowing it to be installed in a variety of spatial configurations such as bay windows.

The curtain itself can be easily adjusted without friction, due to the roller gliders being positioned at the front of the rim – this also significantly minimises dust build-up.

In addition, the adjustable cords can be placed at both ends of the Silent Gliss 3900 which makes for easier use, especially if the curtains are heavy or if one curtain is slightly bigger than the other.

Silent Gliss 3840

Designed for ceiling attachment, the Silent Gliss 3840 Corded Curtain Track is a flexible product which can be bent to fit bay windows or any ceiling configuration that features concave surfaces.

Due to the stylish, elegant finish, which is the same on both sides, the 3840 also works well as a room divider, adding subtle but effective functionality to any space.

To further enhance its appearance, the Silent Gliss 3840 can be used in conjunction with the Silent Gliss Wave Standard and Wave XL Heading system which allows curtains to hang in a continuous wave.

Five different colours are available including black, bronze, gold, silver and white. The 3840’s tracks can  also be factory-customised to match any colour in the RAL colour chart.

Silent Gliss 3000

The Silent Gliss 3000 is a robust and flexible curtain track which comes highly recommended by professional fitters.

It can be easily fixed to walls or ceilings and can also be forward or reverse bent to fit a variety of different layouts and surfaces. The 3000  is ideally suited to medium-weight curtains and includes cord adjustors on each end to ensure easy adjustment.

The cords themselves are also enclosed in channels to minimise dust build-up and to prevent them from slipping out during use.

Made from aluminium, the Silent Gliss 3000 is available in black, bronze, gold, silver or white. Like other Silent Gliss products, the 3000’s tracks can also be customised at the factory to suit any colour from the RAL chart.