Day in the Life of a Commercial Decorator

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    • The Invisible Painter
    • 04-03-15

Most commercial painters will tell you that their work is a science in itself – and they’re right! To give you an idea of what we get up to during our decorating projects, we detail some of our daily tasks and how they fit into a day in the life of a commercial decorator in London.

As an example, we’ll use a recent commercial redecorating project which we carried out in just one day – it was a pretty big job that required the refurbishment of 5000 square feet of office-space.

However, with team-work and timing, we managed to get it done ahead of schedule. Here’s how we went about a rather challenging project.

8am –Extra Measures
In order to calculate the amount of paint or wall coverings required, all surface areas need to be measured to the exact millimetre. So when our early-bird painters arrived to start our recent project, they already had this information to hand and were able to complete the job in time for the arrival of the carpet-layers.

12pm – Magic Carpets
Measuring up floor space and having a clear area to work in are essential elements of a carpet layer’s job. And after the painting had been completed, the space was cleared for our flooring specialists, who then installed and secured the carpets over spiked gripper rods.

A great deal of care was taken to ensure that the carpeting was firmly in place. After all, most workspaces, especially those of over 5000sq ft, experience heavy traffic on a daily basis. Durability is therefore very important.

4pm – Fit for a king
Once the carpets were properly secured, the workspace was ready for the furniture. At 4pm, our installation team duly arrived and began to install the various furniture pieces.

This was one of the biggest jobs and also the most time-consuming. Nevertheless, our team had the office ready by 9pm.

9am – 9pm – The Co-Operatives
In order to successfully complete an office decoration project, especially one that has to be done in a day, punctuality and co-operation are essential.

Our teams always work well together and this project was no exception. It often helps that each team is aware of their colleague’s style and approach.

Thankfully, our painting, fitting and carpet-laying teams have worked together before on all kinds of jobs. So this helped them to work around each other with a minimum amount of stress.

Our day-in-the-life post should give you an idea of the type of co-ordination required to complete a one-day redecorating job.

If you were to ask the best commercial decorator London can offer, he or she will tell you that preparation and teamwork are crucial.

What they may also tell you aware is that after most people have gone home, our work often continues late into the night.

This is especially true of our teams, many of whom work all kinds of unsociable hours, just to ensure that the finished result is acceptable to our customers!