10 Living Room Trends for 2016

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    • 12-10-15

With 2016 just around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the latest trends in interior design that are likely to dominate living room decoration in the forthcoming year.

Plant Life

The clean and simplistic lines inherent in modern interior design run counter to the wild, natural chaos that plants often bring with them.

But if installed properly, they can bring out the best in living space, especially if they co-ordinate with a room’s colour. For instance, dark greens go rather well with pale white colours.


Rustic decor can lend a chic ambience to a room that hints at cool bohemian shabbiness. Wood is one of the most popular materials and offers a kind of lived-in feel which seems to be highly sought-after these days.

Think of shelving, cabinets and picture frames for rustic enhancement. They can add a vivid contrast to the beige minimalism of modern furniture.

Lots of Colour

The fearless use of colour is certainly back in for 2016. Bright colours and vibrant hues are a great way of injecting a living space with some personality.

The sofa provides a good platform on which to experiment, especially with addition of colourful cushions and throws.

Geometric Genius

Geometric decor offers a timelessness not really found in other design trends and fits in with most modern spaces.

Geometric print and  geometrically shaped furniture pieces such as stools and sideboards provide a chic stylishness that also works well with textiles and upholstery.


For those looking to save mankind, or who just want their living room to look nice, there are plenty of sustainable decorating products out there such as painting materials and recycled furniture.

Sustainable products tend to go very well with rustic decor and the like.

Longer Summers with Lime

If you’re looking to perpetuate the summer vibe in your living room, consider using lime colours. They exude cheery warmth and provide a vivid burst of colour to any space.

Floral Patterns

The horrifying floral patterns of the 80s are back. However, lessons have been learnt. Current trend-setters recommend keeping the flowery patterns in check by limiting them to small, well-defined spaces so that they don’t take over a room.

Warm Metallic

Warm metallic tones are most definitely a la mode at the moment. In fact gold has made something of a comeback and is recommended as a colour infusion for rooms using bold colouring such as browns and blacks. But like the aforementioned floral patterns, less is definitely more.

Bold and Dramatic

Painting with bold blacks and browns is considered to be glamorous and sophisticated right now. However their use should be contrasted by the addition of shiny features such as silver borders or warm gold (see above) if possible.

Blue is Back

Turquoise has become rather ubiquitous in interior design of late.

This is perhaps why royal and navy blues have become popular – they offer something which is fresh and new without departing completely from the qualities found in turquoise shading.