Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Here are some examples of the digital content that I regularly compose for clients. You’ll also find information about my website design service.


Articles are a great way of adding value and authority to a website, regardless of the niche. They can also be very effective at increasing brand awareness and getting more visitors. With this in mind, I craft search-optimised articles that engage audiences while spreading the word about your business proposition.

Blog Posts

Blog posts can drive additional traffic to a website while attracting more backlinks and improving online visibility. They also help brands to build authority and trust within their niches. With this in mind, I write short-form pieces as well as power articles that are informative, trageted and highly sharable.

Main Site Content

The attention span of a typical web user is notoriously short. In fact, most of us tend to scan-read when browsing, picking out specific words and subheadings. To ensure that you’re speaking directly to your target audience, I can help you create content that’s snappy, succinct and to the point.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are all about ‘engage, persuade, and sell’. So I write impactful copy that matches your brand’s voice and showcases the key benefits of your product portfolio. My SEO-friendly product descriptions can inspire action and drive sales.

Small Business Web Design

I also create WordPress-driven websites for small businesses. This acclaimed content managagment system is highly flexible and offers endless possibilities when it comes to site design and layout. All of the websites that I develop are fully-responsive which means they operate and render well across all devices including desktops, mobiles and tablets.