Articles and Blog Posts

Articles and Blog Posts

Articles and blog posts that inform and engage your audience while giving voice to your brand.

Articles and Blog Post Writing Service

Writing online articles and blog posts is central to my freelance writing business. And they should also be central to your online content strategy, if they’re not already. For those of you not in the know about their importance to SEM, here’s a run-down.


If you’re looking to establish authority in the eyes of Google, as well as generating conversions and engaging your visitors, offering well-crafted articles is absolutely essential. The goal of course is to leave your reader all the wiser by providing an in-depth exploration of a particular topic, whether a product or service.

A well-written, comprehensive article that’s better than anything your competitors have crafted is going to attract links and rank. As a result, your company is going to gain exposure and enhance its online visibility.

Blog Posts

Blog posts tend to be shorter form versions of online articles that are lighter reads and a bit more informal. Typical topics might include tips, quick guides and brand updates. As with articles though, they can boost brand authority, drive traffic to your money pages and, in some cases, attract backlinks.

In my experience, regularly published blog posts can be a great way to keep your site’s content fresh – keep in mind that freshness is something that Google factors into its ranking algorithm.

Additional Benefits

It should be pointed out that on-topic articles and blog posts provide ample opportunity for linking to other pages of your site. While it’s important not to go overboard here, including a few relevant links featuring KW-rich anchor text can offer an SEO boost to the target page.

Although hard to quantify the full benefits of such an approach, providing relevant internal links, preferably in the actual content, is highly-recommended by all SEM and content specialists.

Articles and Blog Posts – Key Benefits

  • Establish and Improve Brand Authority
  • Generate Conversions
  • Increase Online Exposure
  • Give Voice to Your Brand
  • Drive Traffic to Money Pages
  • Ensure Content ‘Freshness’
  • Attract Back-links
  • Internal Linking Opportunities
  • Highly Sharable on Social Media

Why Hire Me to Write Your Articles or Blog Posts?

Well, it’s not just that I put words together pretty well. I’ve also got a lot of experience in crafting optimised content for the web – almost twenty years in fact. I’ve crafted copy for Japanese dining outlets, psychologists, gambling operators and travel affiliates.

Suffice to say then that I know a thing or too when it comes to article and blog post composition! So if you’re looking for a wordsmith who can also compose search friendly content, then look no further! Feel free to send me an email and tell me more about the kind of project you’ve got in mind.

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