About Me

Learn about my background and the experience that I bring to all that the content that I can create.

About JDS Copywriting

So you’ve arrived at my about page, presumably to find out a little more about me. Well, what can I tell you? Let’s start with my background.

My Background

I’ve been composing quality content for websites and blogs since 2003. I started out building my own shopping and gift sites then writing all the content from them. That’s really how I cut my teeth writing for the web.

In those days, ranking in Google was all about focusing on keyword repetition in the content and exchanging links with anybody willing, regardless of their industry. Things have changed quite a bit since then!

After graduating in 2007 with a degree in New Media Journalism, I worked as an SEO executive and consultant, before eventually offering my services as a freelance content writer. And I haven’t really looked back. I’ve composed copy for companies across a wide variety of industries.

My specialisms include article writing, social media promotion, landing pages, press releases and product descriptions. I’m also proficient in content editing – see my portfolio for some examples of previous work.

How I Work

I’m a deadlines person which means that all of the projects I undertake are delivered on time. Transparency is also extremely important to me so I’ll update you regularly with my progress. If you decide to work with me, the process should go something like this:

Initial Contact

Contact me by email, providing me with a basic outline of the work that you require along with an approximate word count and the date on which you’d like the project to be completed.

I’ll then respond with some questions about your project, so that I can get a better understanding of your business. Based on the answers you provide, I’ll provide you with an initial estimate of my costs.

A Quote

Having done my sums, I’ll then send you an official quote, detailing what I’ll charge you for the project and why. My pricing factors in the following:

  • Extent of Research Required
  • Number of Words
  • First Content Draft


My charges are project-based and take into account all of the elements of a specific project. If this model is not acceptable to you, I’d be happy to charge by the hour. However, I don’t usually base my pricing on word count.

Post-Sales Support

All projects are submitted on time and by the agreed deadline.

473 Twickenham Road
Middlesex, TW7 7DZ